Letter to New Intern

Dear Interns,

Welcome aboard our team! We are pleased to have you working with us. You were selected for Intern due to the attributes that you displayed that appear to match the qualities We look for in an Intern.

We are looking forward to seeing you grow and develop into an outstanding employee that exhibits a high level of care, concern, and compassion for others.We hope that you will find your work to be rewarding, challenging, and meaningful.

We will expect your best each day. Know that We are concerned about your development and that our door are always open. The keys to your success will be being dependable, reliable, showing openness, follow-through, attentiveness, supervision, documentation, and following the policies and procedures. While doing these things you will be successful and so will TecPhlie. Your professional growth is of utmost concern for us personally, because if you are growing our audience will grow as well.

Please take your time and review our goals so that you can know what is expected and make a positive contribution. Again, we are look forward to seeing you grow as a professional while enhancing the lives of the clients entrusted in your care.

TecPhlie Core Team


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