5 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

I have compiled list of 5 quotes that are inspirational for Entrepreneurs, well all of the quotes are from Jake Gyllenhaal starer NightCrawler..So get Ready to Be inspired P.S.  last one will surprise you for sure

5. City Shines Brightest at Night : Well this one is not too deep to understand, symbolically your darkest time lead to your glory, the more dark time is.. the better you can shine..

4.You know what FEAR stands for : False Evidence appearing Real.. TO be Honest I don't agree with that, because fear according to me push you go beyond your limits, as Doctor says " Fear is like a companion, a constant companion -- always there. But that's OK because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I'm going to leave you something just so you always remember. Fear makes companions of us all. "

3. Why you Pursue something is as important as What you pursue, well this one one is more of advice than inspirational quote, but as a matter of it , this do motivate us..

2. If you want to win a lottery, make sure work hard to make the money  for buying a ticket, well tis one is my favorite.. so it would lead to bias if I say Something about it.

1. Great man are not born great, they Grow Great..I know this one is not from Nightcrawler, But the most important lesson for Entrepreneurs is to learn, the source doesn't matter .


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