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Welcome To Contributor page of Tecphlie, Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life,that's why we at tecphlie deliver content that is related to IT, Gadgets , Entrepreneurship ,Science and Whatever we fell is great to share.

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Letter to New Intern

Letter to New Intern

Dear Interns,

Welcome aboard our team! We are pleased to have you working with us. You were selected for Intern due to the attributes that you displayed that appear to match the qualities We look for in an Intern.

We are looking forward to seeing you grow and develop into an outstanding employee that exhibits a high level of care, concern, and compassion for others.We hope that you will find your work to be rewarding, challenging, and meaningful.

We will expect your best each day. Know that We are concerned about your development and that our door are always open. The keys to your success will be being dependable, reliable, showing openness, follow-through, attentiveness, supervision, documentation, and following the policies and procedures. While doing these things you will be successful and so will TecPhlie. Your professional growth is of utmost concern for us personally, because if you are growing our audience will grow as well.

Please take your time and review our goals so that you can know what is expected and make a positive contribution. Again, we are look forward to seeing you grow as a professional while enhancing the lives of the clients entrusted in your care.

TecPhlie Core Team

5 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

5 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

I have compiled list of 5 quotes that are inspirational for Entrepreneurs, well all of the quotes are from Jake Gyllenhaal starer NightCrawler..So get Ready to Be inspired P.S.  last one will surprise you for sure

5. City Shines Brightest at Night : Well this one is not too deep to understand, symbolically your darkest time lead to your glory, the more dark time is.. the better you can shine..

4.You know what FEAR stands for : False Evidence appearing Real.. TO be Honest I don't agree with that, because fear according to me push you go beyond your limits, as Doctor says " Fear is like a companion, a constant companion -- always there. But that's OK because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I'm going to leave you something just so you always remember. Fear makes companions of us all. "

3. Why you Pursue something is as important as What you pursue, well this one one is more of advice than inspirational quote, but as a matter of it , this do motivate us..

2. If you want to win a lottery, make sure work hard to make the money  for buying a ticket, well tis one is my favorite.. so it would lead to bias if I say Something about it.

1. Great man are not born great, they Grow Great..I know this one is not from Nightcrawler, But the most important lesson for Entrepreneurs is to learn, the source doesn't matter .

TecPhlie Oraganized Sucssful Semiar with Mr. Syed, CEO Coolpad India Pvt. Limited

TecPhlie Oraganized Sucssful Semiar with Mr. Syed, CEO Coolpad India Pvt. Limited

April 7, Greater Noida: Can you use Two WhatsApp in your smartphone, sneaks Syed CEO, Coolpad India Pvt. Limited, when asked to reveled some features of upcoming Smartphone from Coolpad.

Mr. Syed, Conducting Session

It was Occasions of Seminar communication and carrier planning by Mr. Syed in SOM auditorium Of Gautam Buddha University organized by TecPhlie Team, he not only answered the questions of students but also revealed that next Coolpad device might Launch Next month and will take communication to next level.

Audience at SOM
The event was successful and had huge turnaround as more than 250 students from all school arrived to get interact with him. Seminar started at 2:45 when crowd welcome Mr. Syed with huge round of applause. After brief interaction with students and question answer session, he also delivers prizes to winners of competition that was hosted on Cooldpad Forum.

Shashank Rai(Left), Mudit (Center) and Mr. Syed (Right)

Selfie Sticks:  Somendra Singh & Mukesh Yadav
Power Banks: Mudit Sharma & Shashank Rai
Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Nikhil Agarawal
Coolpad Note 3: Vikas Kain

Read more about this event on GBUians
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